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What’s involved in filing a claim for benefits with the New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration?

Workers compensation complaint form A complaint form must be filled out with the New Mexico Workers Compensation Administration. After the claim is filed, a mediation conference will be held to see if issues in the case can be resolved without a trial. The mediation conference usually occurs within 2 months of the claim being filed. […]

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What’s involved in hiring a workers comp attorney?

You can hire an attorney to represent you in a workers compensation case, i.e. handle the case from start to finish. You hire an attorney by signing a retainer agreement. For clients that hire Rod Dunn, he charges a fee only if he successfully recovers additional benefits the employer or insurance company has failed or […]

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Injured at Work?

Were you Injured at Work? Know your rights when it comes to workers’ compensation. Rod Dunn has been protecting injured New Mexican’s since 1987. He has received various recognitions for his excellent work in the field of workers’ compensation cases. If you were injured on the job, you may need an experienced attorney to make […]

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